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New cherry bakewell and chocolate peanut, PhD due to discontinue one of their limited editions

PhD Nutrition produce two limited edition flavors in time for Easter

PhD Nutrition have produced two new flavors for their protein powders, Synergy ISO-7 and Pharma Whey HT+. The duo are cherry bakewell and chocolate peanut, and have been made available in the smaller volumes of the supplements, with the 1kg Synergy and 900g Pharma Whey. The only catch with the new variants is that they are limited edition, and only one of them is going to have a permanent place in the brand’s line up. Currently being run along side the sale of the two special tastes is a poll where fans can vote on what flavor they prefer. When the promotion ends, one will be dropped and the other kept on board. To help encourage PhD followers to vote, those that submit their decision through the brand’s Facebook application, will be rewarded with a 33% off discount code. The voucher can be used to purchase either of the limited editions direct from PhD’s official website, the only place at the moment that appears to be listing the new options.

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