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Top tasting 100% Whey Protein Superb, Scitec put in extra effort flavoring their latest protein

Scitec Nutrition's new top flavored protein 100% Whey Protein Superb

We may have already seen two new supplements from Scitec Nutrition last week with Protein Essence and Beef Muscle. However good things do come in threes, with the European company doing exactly that revealing yet another new product. The latest addition to Scitec’s insanely large line is 100% Whey Protein Superb. The first half of the supplement’s title is of course consistent with all the brand’s other protein powders. As for the second half or last word of the product’s name, it is in relation to what separates it from Scitec’s many other protein offerings. The brand have apparently flavored Protein Superb as best they can, giving the formula three descriptive flavors, chocolate with chocolate shreds, vanilla with crunchy whey crisps, and strawberry with fruit pieces. We ourselves have experienced the power of Scitec in the area of taste, and can tell you first hand they are one of the best. You also won’t find a brand that can compete with Scitec’s range of flavors, in amount or diversity. With that said and knowing the brand have put that much more effort into the taste of Protein Superb. The supplement’s title is probably a spot on description of it’s flavoring.

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