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Body War’s latest arriving in less than a month, number 3 for pre-workout PreWar cola blast

Body Nutrition's third PreWar flavor cola blast coming in four weeks

Australia’s Body War Nutrition are at it once again with another update coming to their relatively small line up of supplements. At the moment the brand are sitting with a range of just three, the original Body Shred, and the two more recent releases PreWar and Shred 24. The latest from Body War isn’t going to see that list of products increase, it will however see the menu of the pre-workout PreWar grow by one. Currently the supplement is only available in pina colada and mango peach, with new cola blast on it’s way. Unlike a lot of other companies, Body War have given an estimated time of arrival for their upcoming variant, putting PreWar cola blast on shelves in less than a month. It is worth mentioning that we are also talking to the brand about doing a giveaway of the pre-workout from down under. So be on the look out for that one hopefully sometime soon.

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