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ErgoBlast technically makes April deadline, ErgoGenix latest looking to launch Monday

ErgoGenix ship out ErgoBlast in April with launch soon

For all those eager ErgoGenix fans awaiting the highly anticipated arrival of their favorite brand’s upcoming pre-workout ErgoBlast. ErgoGenix have technically come through on their promise and have shipped out their latest supplement within the month of April. You could arguably say they missed their goal, as the product is not available for purchase. Either way ErgoBlast has left the brand’s hands, and is now on it’s way to it’s exclusive retailer While there is still no exact date for the launch of the pre-workout, ErgoBlast is hopefully going to go online this coming Monday. That is of course not set in stone, as there is always the possibility of unexpected delays popping up. But seeing as all the supplement really has to do is get to, we feel Monday is a safe bet.

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