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MAN make it six for PF3 pre-workout, Furious Pete’s tropical fury Game Day

Man Sports introduce Game Day's sixth flavor tropical fury

Going from bad to better, MAN Sports have followed up on their unfortunate Pure PF3 news with something a little bit brighter. The brand’s top rated pre-workout Game Day, has officially received flavor number six. While in most locations it will be number five, overall it is the supplement’s sixth option counting Natural Body’s exclusive #tremendous white grape. The name of the new flavor is tropical fury, mostly due to the person involved in the development of the variant, MAN’s good friend Furious Pete. The latest addition to Game Day is expected to be hitting shelves and online stores very soon, although if you want to get in early the brand have already uploaded it to their website. If you are a big fan of the pre-workout, even if you have stocked up recently. You may want to get in on this one, as apparently the first 1000 bottles produced have been individually numbered by Furious Pete himself.

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