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MuscleMeds keep the flavors coming, Carnivor now one shy of ten with chocolate mint

MuscleMeds confirm number 9 for Carnivor with chocolate mint

The last time we saw MuscleMeds and their popular beef protein powder Carnivor. Was when the brand introduced their product’s seventh and eighth flavors, strawberry and chocolate pretzel. The two were definitely big surprises as it was only one month earlier that MuscleMeds unveiled Carnivor’s sixth, peanut butter. Regardless of the supplement’s menu count and how rapidly it’s been increasing, the brand have confirmed taste number nine for the beef formula. The new addition to the Carnivor menu is chocolate mint, making it just one to go before the product hits double digits and doubles it’s menu size compared to last year. At the rate MuscleMeds are going we wouldn’t be surprised if that 10th does happen soon, as the last four have all been revealed in under three months.

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