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Royal’s top secret supplement no longer a secret, number six confirmed as Whey Ultra Clean 100

Royal Sport's sixth supplement confirmed as Whey Ultra Clean 100

Royal Sport’s previously top secret supplement has been revealed as something we actually did not see coming. Based on the blurred out preview from a few days ago, we expected the product to be a capsule formula of some sort. It turns out the sixth Royal supplement is a lot bigger than a capsule container, as it is in fact a protein powder. The name of the product is Whey Ultra Clean 100, with the title directly relating to the supplement’s contents. The the first word in the name refers to the product’s 100% whey isolate formula, with the number 100, the amount of calories in each of the supplement’s servings. In the area of options, Royal’s Whey tips the scales at 840g with 30 servings per tub. The only volume confirmed for the product, with just two flavors revealed so far, chocolate cupcake and ice cream sandwich. While most of it’s details are now out in the open, the major one missing is Whey’s launch date, which we are going estimate as somewhere inside the next two or three months.

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