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Veteran post-workout edited with rebranding, VPX Sports make a few changes to Synthesize

VPX make a few changes to their post-workout now titled Synthesize

While we have still yet to see VPX’s Arnold Classic previewed Redline Incinerator. The brand have been quite busy in the area of new supplements, seeing their already long list of releases for the year recently joined by Liquid Clen. Somewhat of a reformulated version of VPX’s previously premixed fat burner, Clenbutrx Hardcore. In the same style of old to new, the brand have also updated another popular product of theirs NO Synthesize, or now simply titled Synethsize. As well as relabel the supplement VPX have made a slight change to the formula, appearing to have left the product’s protein and amino complex alone. But shuffled around it’s MHF-1 blend slightly, seeing a loss of 2,252mg per serving. If you would like a little more information and a closer look at the rethemed and reformulated supplement. VPX have in fact uploaded the all new Synthesize to their website. Showing off the product’s modified facts panel, as well as confirming the continuation of it’s predecessor’s two flavors and single size.

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