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Nutrition Warehouse list Gr8test, latest from Alpha Pro expected to launch down under

Alpha Pro Nutrition's new Gr8test expected to hit Australia first

Earlier in the week Alpha Pro Nutrition revealed their next new supplement, the 3 in 1 muscle building formula Gr8test. In the reveal the brand not only named and previewed the product, but also confirmed it’s contents and launch of sometime in July. The latest update from Alpha Pro goes to the supplement’s arrival of sometime next month, adding that it is due to arrive in Australia in the next few weeks. Usually, if not always, distribution tends to see products hit the U.S. then a few weeks later international locations. While Alpha Pro’s confirmation of Gr8test landing down under doesn’t directly say it, there is a good chance it’s going to be in Australia before anywhere else. To fuel the possibility of the supplement’s early overseas arrival, it has already been uploaded to a retailer in the area. Nutrition Warehouse are currently listing the product with a local value of $69.99 for a full 45 serving tub. It is of course listed as out of stock, but the fact that the store has a price and a teaser from Alpha Pro, means that they are a few steps ahead of anyone else.

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