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New ErgoGenix launch build up started, follow up to Ergoblast could be a number of things

ErgoGenix preview their next new supplement the same way they did Ergoblast

Now that ErgoGenix have had their pre-workout ErgoBlast out for coming up three months, the brand have started teasing their next release. The new supplement has been previewed the same way ErgoGenix originally did ErgoBlast, uploading a blacked out image with the hashtag #whatami and no title. While the picture may not be overly revealing, there are two things it brings in to question. Firstly if the product is the shape in the image, we are likely looking at a powder formula. Which if ErgoGenix are going for something fitting for the time, could be a pump dedicated pre-workout, amino cocktail or even a flavored fat burner. The other detail that comes in to question is the short lived preview of the brand’s new weight loss supplement ErgoCut from back in April. It may not fit with the form factor pictured, although we are assuming the silhouette is a powder product, ErgoGenix aren’t trying to throw anyone off, and that the brand have not changed from capsule to flavored. Of course we are very early on in the build up to ErgoGenix’s latest, so our guesses are as good as yours. But if the brand are going to take as long as they did with ErgoBlast, we definitely need of a little excitement.

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