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iForce finally detail their new pre-workout, four complex Max Out expected very soon

iForce Nutrition detail their new pre-workout Max Out

iForce Nutrition have finally released the contents list of their highly anticipated and much built up pre-workout supplement Max Out. Like the brand’s most recent release Thermoxyn, their new energizing formula combines four consistently named blends, Adrenaplex, Nitroplex, Cogniplex and Hydraplex. Starting from the top, Adrenaplex features three ingredients with phenethylamine HCl, synephrine HCl and a detailed 300mg of caffeine. Next is the Nitroplex complex, a two piece combination of glycerol monostearate and potassium nitrate. We then move down to the Cogniplex, a laser focus collection of rhodiola rosea, DMAE and huperzine A. Last but not least is the self explanatory Hydraplex, ‘a proven ratio of potent electrolytes’ listing potassium phosphate, sodium phosphate and magnesium phosphate. Despite today’s big reveal, iForce’s Max Out is still being listed as coming soon. Which if it’s anything like the aforementioned Thermoxyn, could put the product in your hands sometime next month.

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