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iForce detail their summer time fat burner, nine weight loss ingredients confirmed for Thermoxyn

iForce Nutrition reveal the formula behind their new fat burner Thermoxyn

Of iForce Nutrition’s three confirmed supplements for 2014, one has been showing it’s face a lot more than any of the others. The thermogenic weight loss formula Thermoxyn. We saw the brand preview it back in February, drop an update, then give fans a chance to chance to be one of the first to try the fat burner. The latest development from iForce is usually the final step before release, with a complete detailing of Thermoxyn’s contents. Based on previous pictures we knew the product was going to be featuring a small list of blends, which it does indeed have with a total of four. Almost evenly spread across the blends Thermoxyn packs nine ingredients listing (Adenaplex) caffeine, acacia rigidula, (Thermoplex) citrus arantium, raouwlfia serpentina, (Retainplex) lemon verbena, raspberry ketones, (Metaplex) olea europa, green coffee bean and garcinia cambogia. Along with the formula reveal iForce are also promoting the line ‘Get Fit For Summer’. Suggesting that even though Thermoxyn may not be available yet, it should be here for summer.

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