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iSa-Test DA3 separated by more than just form, iSatori reveal new amino cocktail Amino-Amp

iSatori detailed iSa-Test DA3 and their new Amino-Amp

Last week iSatori confirmed the coming of flavored variants of their hit bio-active formula Bio-Gro, as well as their testosterone booster iSa-Test. This week the brand have released an update on one of those two supplements and even dropped news of another powder product. As for the update we now know that iSatori’s flavored iSa-Test is very different to that of the iSa-Test GF, based on the fact that it’s title and formula are in no way the same as the capsule supplement. The brand are actually saying the two are so distant that they can be stacked together, as they both aim to elevate the body’s anabolic hormones, but through different mechanisms. Moving on to iSatori’s second piece of news we have the reveal of another powder product, an entirely new one in fact titled Amino-Amp. The supplement is the brand’s entry into the amino cocktail category with a relatively straightforward formula of 4.66g of BCAAs and 830mg methionine to help amplify the BCAAs. For more information on iSa-Test DA3 and Amino-Amp, iSatori have already uploaded the two to their website, where if you choose to you can also pre-order the products.

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