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MuscleMeds flavors now out and about, Carnivor menu taken to nine with chocolate mint launch

MuscleMeds nine flavor Carnivor menu now available

MuscleMeds recently added to their flagship supplement, the beef protein powder Carnivor with two new flavors strawberry and chocolate pretzel. The two weren’t officially announced by the brand but did start showing up in stores back in late March. The seventh and eighth Carnivor options were later followed by the reveal of chocolate mint in early May. That chocolate mint, taste number nine has now been released and is beginning to show up in stores all over the place. While initially we were questioning whether or not MuscleMeds had produced number seven and eight in both Carnivor sizes. It turns out now that they are available in a number of stores we can confirm both, as well as chocolate mint for the product’s 2 and 4lb menus. If your usual MuscleMed’s stockist has yet to get any of the three recent Carnivor additions, you could choose to wait it out. Or head on over to the brand’s official store, as all nine flavors are listed and available.

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