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Myokem reveal two more ingredients, one week closer to launch of Alphadex and Magnitropin

Myokem reveal two more ingredients for their upcoming muscle builders

As promised last week, Myokem have passed on two more ingredients from their upcoming muscle builders Alphadex and Magnitropin. The duo that are set to launch sometime next month, were already given an update on Monday with our first real look at the two. As a nice follow up to the eyes on preview, Myokem have confirmed one more ingredient for Alphadex, with safflower seed extract (standardized to 10% tracheloside) joining brassaiopsis glomerulata extract. And one more for Magnitropin, with gentiana lutea extract joined by cistanche deserticola 20:1. Next week should bring two more  ingredients, as well as edge us one week closer to Alphadex and Magnitropin’s launch. Which we do suggest you prepare yourself for by signing up to Myokem’s insider group the Lab. The main reason we are encouraging sign ups is because the brand are looking to release their muscle builders with a great introductory deal. One that you will miss out on if you are not signed up.

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