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Ronnie goes double for pump supplement, Stacked-N.O. powder beaten by 180 capsule

Ronnie Coleman goes double for his pump supp Stacked-N.O.

As fans eagerly await the arrival of Ronnie Coleman’s Stacked-N.O. powder, a variant that was announced in combination with the coming of a flavored Beta-Stim. The brand have gone ahead and released a little something else for pump enthusiasts, with a second Stacked volume. The regular bottle size of the supplement packs a total of 90 capsules, working out to be 30 three capsule servings. The new addition to the product’s list of options is double that, with a total of 180 capsules, so twice the amount of servings at 60. At the moment Ronnie’s latest doesn’t appear to be an exclusive to anybody, as it has been spotted in more than just one locations. With most places listing it with a serving saving of 10% or more compared to the original 90 count Stacked.