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Royal Sport teasing two new flavors, Charge and Siege menus due to hit four

Royal confirm new flavors, one for Charge one for Siege

It seems a lot of brands are playing the guessing game lately, with Royal Sport LTD being the latest one to gather some interest. The products that have thrown themselves into the spotlight are, the pre-workout Siege and the BCAA and SAA formula Charge. Currently the two are available in three flavors, blood orange and fruit punch on both menus, with blackberry as Siege’s third and tropical punch for Charge. Royal are now looking to add one option to each of the supplements, confirming the additions with a teaser image blanking out the titles of each taste. As a clue the brand have included silhouettes of what look to be a raspberry and a lemon, which for us suggests raspberry lemonade. Whether or not that is the flavor for both, or one is raspberry and the other lemonade, we won’t know until sometime next week. As Royal are promising more announcements for the remaining days of June.

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