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Updated Body War fat burner coming soon, reformulated Body Shred expected to bring a whole new experience

Body War reveal reformulated Body Shred coming soon

We were first introduced to Australia’s Body War Nutrition with their flavored fat burner Body Shred, back in October of last year. Since then we have gone on to highlight a number of other releases from the brand, with the latest from Body War actually seeing them circle back around to that very first supplement. As it turns out coming soon to a stockist near you, is a reformulated version of the brand’s energizing weight loss product. Originally Body Shred was a 10 feature formula with the new edition doubling that packing taurine, acetyl l-carnitine, green coffee bean, garcinia cambogia, caffeine, green and white tea. White kidney bean, yerba mate, raspberry ketones, AMP citrate, african mango, capsicum extract, Pikatropin, dendrobium, olive leaf, norcoclaurine, horsetail, celery seed and bitter orange. To top it off the updated supplement is not only bringing almost an entirely new set of ingredients, which will no doubt deliver a whole new experience. But also an entirely new menu with three flavors, cola blast, peaches n’ cream and coconut lychee. There is no word on when the reformulated Body Shred will make it’s way out. Although with a very similar looking bottle it will be the flavors and double size facts panel that you’ll want to watch out for.

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