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BSN’s latest expected down under in 2 weeks, Australasian N.O. Xplode without DMAE

BSN confirm Australasian N.O. Xplode expected to land in two weeks

While BSN’s reformulated pre-workout N.O. Xplode makes it’s way out to major retailers, with variants confirmed, and exclusives set for GNC, and the Vitamin Shoppe. The supplement is also hoping to make waves internationally as it sets it’s target on the Australasian market. Local BSN stockists down under have started teasing the arrival of the veteran brand’s re-engineered energizer, looking to have it available later this month. For those in the area wondering if the product is worth their time, especially after seeing what BSN did to the UK version of N.O. Xplode. You will be interested to know that the formulas are almost identical with really only one major change. Basically every ingredient in each of the new pre-workout’s blends has been carried over, with each blend weighing in exactly the same. In the last collection of contents however, the shock composite, BSN have removed DMAE dropping the complex down from 680mg to 375mg. Outside of the minor edit, which isn’t likely to effect N.O. Xplode’s performance by any huge amount, Australasian fans are only going to have one size option available with a 45 serving. Compared to the aforementioned UK edition, those on the other side of the world look like they are going to get a fair dose of the BSN effort. With the best guess at when the supplement will arrive being roughly two weeks from now.

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