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Femme and Peach looking to dominate the US, thermo cream now available at Supp Central

Femme Nutrition's Peach hits it's first major American stockists

Back when Femme Nutrition launched with their one supplement, the skin firming cream Peach. It took the brand quite some time to make their way into stores, something they have now managed to do in the Australian market. You would actually have trouble finding a retailer in the area who isn’t listing the product with popular stockists like Rock Hard, Supplement Warehouse and Massive Joes on board. While Femme may be dominating down under they have yet to get themselves a major presence in the other country they said they would be distributing, America. As it turns out that is looking likely to change, as the brand’s signature supplement has hit a popular store in the US, Supplement Central. Peach has officially gone on sale at the new Femme retailer for a price identical to what Australian stockists list it for in their currency, at $59.95 for a 5oz tube. Up and coming brand’s like Femme do tend to spread quite quickly when they hit a couple of the major nutrition stores. So don’t be too surprised if you start seeing the thermogenesis cream in a few more locations over the next few months.

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