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Fitmark back at it with two limited editions, 4th and 5th BOX colorways due in 2 weeks

Fitmark introduce two new limited edition colorways for their BOX bags

Fitmark are no strangers to limited editions, with past releases like the steel gray Velocity Backpack and purple wine Dashing Tote. The latest special run variants from the innovative brand go to two of their more recent items, the meal management systems the BOX and the BOX LG. Both products were originally launched in three colorways, black, red and pink, all outlined with gray zippers and trims. The two new additions to the products are steel gray and lavender, both also outlined with gray zippers and trims. Unfortunately this time around, unlike past limited editions Fitmark have set the price for being a little different slightly higher than usual. With the value of the steel gray and lavender BOX and BOX LG set $5 more expensive at $64.99 and $84.99. For those that can handle the added cost, Fitmark are due to get the fourth and fifth meal management colorways in less than two weeks. With stock as always set to hit the brand’s official website.

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