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Limited edition Fitmark meal systems launched, steel gray and lavender Box bags now in stock

Fitmark release their steel gray and lavender Box bags

Just over two weeks ago Fitmark revealed the coming of two new colorways for their classic meal management systems, the Box and the Box LG. The duo due to join the bag’s current list of options of black, red and pink, were lavender and steel gray. The two new Box variants have now been released just as Fitmark promised and can be purchased. As expected they have arrived with a price tag slightly higher than that of the original three, costing you just five bucks more for a taste of the brand’s limited editions. The additional cost puts both the lavender and steel gray Box meal bags at $64.99, and the two new Box LG colorways at $84.99 each. For those interested as always the place to go is Fitmark’s official store, where the brand’s limited edition meal management systems are now available and ready to ship.

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