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Giant Sports tease their fifth formula, first look at the new pump pre-workout Giant Pump

First look at Giant Sport's new pump pre-workout Giant Pump

While we knew back when we did our review of Giant Pump, it would be quite some time before we saw Giant Sport’s fifth supplement on shelves. Which actually made us appreciate the pre-release opportunity all the more. Our review was done in late March, so it has definitely been quite some time, and the brand are finally looking like they’re getting ready to release. The latest update from Giant is a teaser image, that despite being shaded to hide it’s label, you can see that the product is the pump dedicated formula Giant Pump. The brand haven’t unfortunately detailed a launch date or rough idea of when the supplement is due to arrive. We do know that it is soon though, as the teaser suggests it is very close and word is the powerful Giant product is expected to be available before the Olympia.

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