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Gifted Athletics like clothing on the way, Accelerate yet to ship with more promised

Gifted Nutrition confirm the coming of Gifted apparel

While we are still without a confirmation email for our pre-order of Gifted Nutrition’s pre-workout Accelerate, despite being told shipping was due to take place late last week. Phil Heath has confirmed a few more additions to his very own line of products. With a total of four supplements currently in his range, as well as a fifth in Accelerate PM presumed to be still on it’s way. Gifted’s upcoming releases see Heath step away from the world of nutrition and into the familiar market of clothing. Gifted Nutrition Apparel has been confirmed as coming soon, finally giving fans a chance to look like the Gift, at least as far as clothing goes. The brand’s teaser image combined with pictures of Heath suggest we’re in for black and white tees, hats and tanks all featuring Heath’s Gifted Athletics like graphic logo. The brand have yet to upload any items to their website, with no dates on when the apparel will arrive. Although based on how long the supplements are taking we can’t imagine the clothing landing any time soon.

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