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Gifted pre-order delay confirmed, official Accelerate facts panel corrected and uploaded

Official Gifted Nutrition Accelerate facts panel released

Almost immediately following yesterday’s post about our Gifted Nutrition pre-order yet to ship two days after the brand’s promised July 21st launch. A Gifted representative contacted us answering a number of questions we had, as well as some we got from readers. As it turns out there is a delay in shipping that is expected to see pre-orders go out by the end of the week. Customers will also be getting an email confirming that their purchase has been sent. The other major question we had and we know a lot have been asking the same thing, was whether or not Gifted’s Accelerate label was correct. As many may have guessed the label that was previously online was in fact incorrect, however only by a few ingredients and numbers. Basically the previewed pre-workout panel was short ten ingredients, with it’s proprietary blend weight off by 3.67g. To get a closer look at the entire Gifted Accelerate formula we have uploaded the correct label below, with the pre-workout being the only supplement of the brand’s to be uploaded with the wrong facts panel.

Gifted Nutrition Accelerate
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