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Gifted Nutrition becomes a bit more real, Phil Heath contract said to break records

Latest development in where Phil Heath and Gifted Nutrition sign up

The latest development in the case of where the Gift Phil Heath will land this Friday, further confirms the idea of the three time Mr. Olympia’s own line. Yesterday we talked about trademarks that were registered under the title Gifted Nutrition, with the latest being an image posted by the man himself situated next to a collection of blacked out products. While the number of items in the picture doesn’t exactly match up to the marks registered with Superlean, Ultimate Iso Whey, Accelerate and Accelerate PM. It definitely adds a bit more legitimacy to a Gift inspired series. The other piece of information fueling the topic of Phil heath comes from Pro Bodybuilding Radio, who in their latest episode said that when Phil Heath signs his contract. It will be the largest contract that an active bodybuilder has ever signed with a supplement company. That little piece of inside information combined with the Gifted Nutrition trademarks, without anything official announced. Comes as close as you can to confirming a Blade and Cutler Nutrition like relationship with a brand. At the moment the big mystery as to what brand that is still remains, leaving us with two days until all is revealed.

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