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Gfited Nutrition range on it’s way up, stimulant free Accelerate PM yet to be seen

Gifted Nutrition expected to be releasing more products come Olympia

When Phil Heath launched his new supplement line on Friday, he did so with a total of four products. The fat burner Superlean, protein powder ISO Whey, testosterone booster S3, and the pre-workout we in fact just pre-ordered Accelerate. While four is a fair number, with the supplements packing enough varity to complete a three piece stack, Heath is going to be moving his range total up over the next few months. We do already know a stimulant free variant of the pre-workout Accelerate is on the way, expected to be using the trademarked title Accelerate PM. As for what else is in store for Gifted fans, may the guessing games begin. The three time Mr. Olympia has confirmed that around the time he is hoping to become four time Mr. Olympia, he will have more products available or revealed. Seeing as Gifted already cover most of the major categories, there are few areas left for the brand to go without getting to technical. With that said a stimulant free pre-workout is in itself quite individual, a possible reflection of how novel Gifted are willing to go.

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