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No update on Accelerate pre-order, Gifted Nutrition two days over promised ship date

Gifted Nutrition pre-order has yet to ship two days after July 21st

When Gifted Nutrition’s website first went online, all it’s supplements were listed as out of stock but available for pre-order. Which in a number of launch posts floating around, Flex featuring one of them, the pre-orders were expected to be shipped on July 21st. We placed our order the day after Phil Heath’s line was unveiled, with July 12th being the date stamped on order #100000022. While we were expecting an email on the Monday just been, it’s been two days now since the promised July 21st and we have yet to get an update. There is the chance Gifted shipped our secured tub of Accelerate without an email, but even if that were true. With nothing on our doorstep and zero communication, from a customer’s perspective this is rather poor service. We did email the brand on the Monday later in the afternoon, and while it was in regards to whether or not Gifted’s pre-workout label was correct. Two days later we are still without a reply. At this point we aren’t overly concerned about the status of our pre-order. Although if next week we are still in the same situation, we might be a bit more concerned about our $50 investment.

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