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New iForce individual very competitive, half kilo L-Glutamine valued at around $25

iForce Nutrition's new individual L-Glutamine showing up for around $25

While iForce Nutrition’s Thermoxyn slowly makes it’s way out to stockists, and their new pre-workout Max Out nears it’s big release. Something else from the brand has started to find it’s way into stores. The new supplement that is now popping up in iForce retailers is the straightforward individual formula L-Glutamine. As per it’s title the product features just the one ingredient dosed at 5g a scoop, with a total of 100 servings squeezed into a half kilo tub. To ensure fans get convenience out of the supplement along with it’s well known recovery effects, iForce have produced the basic formula in an unflavored powder. To top it off the brand’s L-Glutamine is showing up with a very competitive price at around $25, taking on some of the bigger names in the business.

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