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Lobliner confirms sixth MTS Whey, banana and ‘never been done’ flavor on the way

Marc Lobliner confirms banana and a never been done for MTS Nutrition Whey

Following the news of Marc Lobliner’s only capsule supplement Drop Factor heading to Australia in powder form, comes something slightly more exciting set for US shelves. The news is of a sixth flavor for MTS Nutrition’s popular Whey Protein, our 2013 Protein Wars runner-up. The latest addition to the supplement’s menu, tripling it’s range total compared to last year is banana. The taste is Lobliner’s first fruity effort joining a list of options that include the two originals chocolate and vanilla. And the three descriptive flavors, peanut butter fluff, gourmet cookies & cream, and the most recent release caramel sutra. Word is that the sixth MTS Whey is due to arrive sometime next month, with an expected launch about three or four weeks from now. While news of banana is more than enough excitement for a Sunday, Lobliner has also confirmed that he does in fact have a seventh MTS Whey nailed down. One that has apparently, never been done before.

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