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Everything you need to know about Alphadex, Myokem’s other muscle builder also detailed

Everything you need to know about Myokem's upcoming Alphadex

In our most recent post we went over everything you need to know about one of Myokem’s upcoming muscle builders, the natural anabolic Magnitropin. The other supplement the brand have been teasing along side the redefining product is Alphadex, the formula we will now detail in this post. Basically the second Myokem supplement intends to achieve muscle building results as an anti-estrogen formula, quite different to that of Magnitropin, but also making the duo stackable. To support it’s goals and deliver it’s effects, the brand have packed Alphadex with a total of five ingredients, just like Magnitropin, with it’s full facts panel uploaded and contents descriptions listed below. In total each bottle of the product comfortably fits 56 capsules, listing a single capsule serving, supplying you for 28 days if we’re looking at a two a day maximum. The last thing Alphadex has in common with Magnitropin, is that the supplements are due to arrive together sometime over the next week or two. Which as we have mentioned in previous posts, is going to bring an unbeatable inside Lab offer, that from what we know is going to be relatively difficult to pass on.

Myokem Alphadex facts panel

Safflower Seed Extract (std. min. 10% tracheloside): This herb has been shown to contain components that can potentially block estradiol as effectively as Nolvadex does. Estradiol, in addition to being an estrogen, blocks androgen receptors, so lowering estradiol can lead to increased androgen receptor availability.

Acaetin: In clinical studies, Acacetin was shown to be a potent aromatase inhibitor while having absolutely no estrogenic activity.

Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Extract (20:1): This extract is proven to be one of the most effective extracts from Brassiopsis at inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, so much so that it has drawn comparisons to

pharmaceutical estrogen-control agents such as Letrozole. This compenent also has powerful anti-oestrogenic effects, which can lead to increases in testosterone and free testosterone.

Garcinia Mangostana Extract (std. min. 9% gammma mangostin): The active ingredient from this plant has been shown to be a potent anti-oestrogen, which helps to promote a harder and drier look in athletes as a result of increased testosterone. This extract also shows significant anti-aromatase activity, thus lowering estrogen.

Black Pepper Extract (std. min. 98% piperine) (fruit): Commonly used in numerous dietary supplements, Piperine has been shown to increase the absorption of nutrients by up to 60%.

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