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Everything you need to know about Magnitropin released, Myokem muscle builders due to arrive in 1 to 2 weeks

Myokem detail their upcoming natural anabolic Magnitropin

With two muscle builders well on their way, over the past few weeks Myokem have building up to the launch of their two supplements revealing ingredient by ingredient. The teasing is now coming to an end with both products set to arrive as early as next week, possibly the week after. To help inform everyone a little more about the two, we have been given everything you need to know about supplements. For this post we will detail Magnitropin with it’s facts panel uploaded below, featuring two previously unconfirmed ingredients, joining the previewed three. In total each bottle of the product packs 144 capsules, with three equaling a serving, working out to be a 24 days supply. Myokem’s intentions for the formula appear to be category changing, confidently describing Magnitropin as a redefining natural anabolic. “Don’t take another ‘natural anabolic’ and simply hope it will work; take a product you know will work and help you reach your goals”. To back up their bold words the brand have as mentioned packed out the muscle builder with five ingredients. All of which have been listed below, along with a short description from Myokem for the main four.

Myokem Magnitropin facts panel

Paederia Foetida Extract (20:1): Studies have shown this herb to have numerous benefits, including its use in Ayurvedic medicine as a sexual stimulant, and having a positive effect on sperm production and physical strength. Increases in lean body mass were also observed in clinical studies as well.

Gentiana Lutea Extract (10:1): Also known as “bitter root” this herb is often used as a digestive tonic, as it stimulates saliva production as well as hydrochloric acid in the stomach, gallbladder, and liver. This serves to potentially increase appetite.

Cistanche Deserticola Extract (20:1): This herb has shown to improve performance, muscle growth and recovery while boosting the immune system. It also mimics the effects of testosterone.

(-)-Epicatechin: This flavonoid has shown to reduce myostatin and increase follistatin in humans and has shown to increase strength and endurance.

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