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PhD go the other way with their individual, unflavored Creatine now in a 50 serving tub

PhD Nutrition go the other way for their unflavored basic Creatine

Up until now PhD Nutrition have had just the one size available for their individual ingredient supplement Creatine, with a massive 550g tub. The product packs a total of 110 servings, featuring more than enough creatine monohydrate for anyone looking to stock up for a few months. The UK brand have now added to their basic formula’s list of options, introducing a less than half size unflavored volume with a 50 serving 250g tub. While most of the time it’s usually companies going the other way, like MuscleMed’s double size 8lb Carnivor and Muscle Pharm’s larger 10lb Combat. What PhD have done is not uncommon, it is however a lot less cost effective. For those interested, the new Creatine variant is expected to be on it’s way out to stockists now, with a price point set to be around 10% more expensive per serving.

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