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Scitec Nutrition revert back to 2012 titles, familiar faces Thermo X and GH Surge return

Scitec revert back to 2012 names for Thermo X and GH Surge

With just one bit of news from Scitec Nutrition in the past month, we were beginning to wonder if the European brand had slowed down their usually endless line of updates. Today however we do have something from the company, not exactly exciting news, but news nonetheless. The latest from Scitec is in regards to two of their current supplements, currently undergoing name changes. The products are Ignix and GHR-X, which are being transformed into Thermo X and GH Surge. While pre-2013 fans may take some time getting familiar with the fat burner and nighttime’s titles. Long time followers should have no trouble as these are in fact the names the two used to be called back before Scitec’s 30+ title change. Just like early last year, nothing has been done to the supplements, with the new names being the only thing different.

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