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App Nut saving Novate for last, two more Innovation supplements listed online

Applied Nutriceuticals uploaded pages for Free Test XRT and Drive Recomp

To make room for Applied Nutriceuticals three new Innovation Series supplements, the sequel muscle builder HG4 Up, and the two spin off fat burners Fat Free AM and PM. The brand have spaced out their website a little better, re-organizing their navigation, introducing links and sections for the so far incomplete Innovation Series and individual Pure Series. In the Innovation department, counting the three aforementioned releases, App Nut do still have three left to come, Free Test XRT, Novate pre-workout and Drive Recomp. While we’ve still yet to see any of the three detailed and go on sale like the first set, the brand are now listing two of them online, giving us a heads up on what’s next in line. From the group that remains, App Nut have put together pages for the two capsule products Free Test XRT and Drive Recomp. Of course it doesn’t confirm that the two are next to arrive, but if it does turn out that way it will put App Nut’s only original Innovation formula out last.