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CARNmore same style name and formula, Controlled reveal their carnitine individual

Controlled Labs reveal their latest supplement the individual CARNmore

Today Controlled Labs have revealed their first release since the dedicated pump pre-workout White Pump. The title of their new supplement is CARNmore, making use of the same naming convention as Controlled’s CLA based CLAmore. While it’s name is very similar, CARNmore also borrows the same style of contents as CLAmore, as it is too an individual ingredient formula. If you couldn’t guess it from the name,

the one feature the formula the product packs is carnitine, or more specifically l-carnitine-l-tartrate. CARNmore lists the ingredient at 1g per two tablet serving, with a total of 120 tablets per bottle working out to be 60 servings. As for price, seeing as the supplement is not yet available we will need to wait on that one, a month or two actually, as Controlled’s 120 tablet CARNmore is being promised for sometime in October.

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