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Initially troubled brand goes big, Gear finally find their way into

Gear's three Shock Series supplements now available at

If you told us at the start of the year that the initially troubled Gear would eventually find their way into by September, we probably would’ve laughed in your face. Surprisingly after the brand finally came through on their promise of being available at the Vitamin Shoppe in April, and landing another stockist soon after in Nutrition Express. Gear’s entire Shock Series can actually now be found at While the brand did say they were an approved vendor of theirs back in May, we weren’t quick to trust them back then after the months of failed launches. Regardless Gear’s three original formulas Maxx Shock, Pre Shock and E-Shock are now all on sale at The partnership not only gives current and future fans another place to purchase the brand’s supplements with E and Pre Shock valued at $37.99 and Maxx at $39.99. But it also opens up Gear’s range of products to the store’s massive international audience.

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