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Gifted come through three weeks late, pre-order email confirms Accelerate is on it’s way

Gifted Nutrition ship our pre-order three weeks after promised date

Originally Gifted Nutrition promised shipment of pre-orders a whole 10 days after they launched with their four supplements, Accelerate, S3, Superlean and ISO Whey. We decided to put in our order a day after Gifted’s big unveiling, investing just over $50 on Saturday the 12th of July. Unfortunately 9 days later, our tub of Accelerate did not get sent on it’s way. As a matter of fact, not even after 20 days had our order shipped with news from Gifted that there would be some kind of a delay. It turns out now more than a month after launch, and three weeks over the promised pre-order shipping date, the brand have finally come through. We know a lot of people have been asking about the quality of Gifted’s products, a question we will soon be able to answer as yesterday the brand sent us an ‘Order Shipped’ confirmation email. For those interested in knowing when our package arrives and how it plays out. Tune into SnapChat where we usually post up early opinions and about supplements currently or just in for review.

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