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Closer look at upcoming Gifted supplements, Amino Zzz, Growtein and B.Y.L.T. almost here

We take a deeper look at what Gifted Nutrition have on the way

Gifted Nutrition recently revealed a number of new supplements they have on the way, with three seemingly individual and three complex formulas. Now since the brand have mentioned most of them here and there, teasing for release sometime soon, we figured it would be a good idea to have a look at what might be coming. First off the three basics are likely to be just as they’re titled, L-Glutamine, BCAAs and Colostrum. We can’t imagine any of those really featuring anything more, especially with those straightforward names. As for the other three, Growtein definitely sounds like a meal replacement or mass gainer, given that both grow and half of protein are in there. We then have Amino Zzz, that again we can break down into two parts, suggesting a nighttime amino, or amino infused sleep aid. Lastly we have B.Y.L.T., which we really have no idea what it stands for. With that said it has been talked about as being stackable with Gifted’s pre-workout Accelerate, hinting at a pump or focus formula. At the moment we don’t have any information on when Gifted’s unreleased six will be making their out. But with the Olympia about a month away, September would be as good a time than any.

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