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Gifted name 6 more supplements in Flex post, Growtein, Amino Zzz, B.Y.L.T. and 3 basics

Gifted Nutrition Growtein BYLT Amino Zzzz Glutamine BCAAs Colostrum

Gifted Nutrition originally launched with four pre-orderable products, the pre-workout Accelerate, the protein powder Ultimate Iso Whey, the fat burner Superlean and the muscle builder S3. Fans of Phil Heath’s will have noticed right off the bat that there was one supplement missing, the previously mentioned stimulant free pre-workout, Accelerate PM. As it turns, out there is in fact a lot more than just the nighttime energizer coming from Gifted. Flex Online recently got together with the Gift himself to upload his road to the Olympia nutrition plan. In the plan not only can you see Iso Whey and Accelerate listed, but also six unreleased products named, with the basics Gifted L-Glutamine, BCAAs and Colostrum. And the seemingly not so basic Growtein, B.Y.L.T. and presumably another nighttime formula with Amino Zzz. While the Flex post doesn’t exactly outline what any of the more complex titled supplements have been designed for. Their names and windows used do give away quite a bit, with most of them no doubt lined up to increase the brand’s range soon as promised, more so seeing as they’re already being put to good use.

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