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Myokem makeover brings a little more clarity, updated Pyroxamine leaves Nitramine to come

Myokem make their labels a little clearer with a glossy foil makeover

Three weeks after Myokem released their second supplement, the weight loss solution Pyroxamine. The brand confirmed a slight change to the fat burner’s formula with 25mg extra caffeine. Myokem also confirmed a change in manufacturer, which was said to deliver an even better experience. It turns out there was in fact a third modification the brand made, however this one is more of a cosmetic change. As seen on Myokem’s first product as well as Pyroxamine, originally the brand’s supplements were put together with a thick and slightly grainy label, that made it in some areas a little difficult to read what was on the bottles. The third modification Myokem have made remedies that problem with the upgraded Pyroxamine introducing the brand’s new look, featuring a lot thinner label with a smooth matte finish, and a bit of a glossy foil tint. Adding an extra shine to the green, blue and silver sections on the product. The updated print theme can already be seen on Myokem’s recent releases Alphadex and Magnitropin, with of course Nitramine also due to get the makeover in the next few weeks.

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