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Save a lot direct with PhD’s latest stack, Ultimate Workout Bundle valued at an incredible £49.99

PhD Nutrition's Ultimate Stack saving you a lot of money

A lot of supplement companies do have their own direct stores, unfortunately most of them have rather expensive prices scaring fans away. UK’s PhD Nutrition however goes against that, with products that aren’t half bad. On occasions the brand’s value is made even better with launch sales and discounted stacks, the latter being something PhD have just put together. The supplement combination the brand have is their pre-workout VMX, the protein carbohydrate post-workout Recovery 2:1, the semi-amino pre-workout Amino Drive, the recovery individual L-Glutamine and a wireball shaker. Given that we are looking at five products, four being full size supplements, three of those complex formulas, you would expect to be paying well over £100. Surprisingly the cost of the Ultimate Workout Bundle is just £49.99, which for those not familiar with UK currency, works out to about $83 USD. Basically that’s a $30 carbohydrate infused protein, $20 pre-workout, $20 amino and $13 glutamine with a free shaker. If that’s not a deal, let alone the best one we’ve seen direct, we don’t know what is.

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