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Erin Stern latest Prime superstar, John Meadows already exploring with Carb Project

Prime Nutrition welcome two time Figure Olympia Erin Stern

Prime Nutrition have signed on another big name athlete following their partnership with the now ex-Animal Pak icon Evan Centopani, and Mountain Dog diet creator John Meadows. The star is IFBB female figure competitor Erin Stern, two time Ms. Figure Olympia from 2010 and 12, and now an ex-Dymatize athlete. She has officially joined the team making it three superstars for Prime Nutrition, one of which has already actually started taking advantage of his new unique role. Meadows, the bodybuilder who was apparently inspired by Evan Centopani’s shift to the brand, appears to be working on what’s being called his Carb Project. Little is known about the supplement, aside from the obvious point that it is a carbohydrate formula of some sort. Despite the small amount of information, the trial product does indeed prove that Prime are serious about the in-depth partnership with their athletes. Following through on their word of taking on board team member ideas and making them a reality.

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