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Pyroxamine the unmatched flexible fat burner, Myokem’s weight loss solution put to the test

We’ve all seen one hit wonder supplement companies. Brand’s that launch with a top pre-workout, fat burner or protein, that then have trouble following up their fan favorite formula. With that said every now and then a company does come along, doing things right one product after another. Myokem is one of those companies that has set themselves up to go on a streak, following up their hit pre-workout Nitramine with the weight loss supplement Pyroxamine and two muscle builders, Alphadex and Magnitropin. A month ago we got a hold of the fat burner of the three, to not just test the product and see how well it performs. But to also put Myokem to the test and see if they can make it two for two.

The one thing you have to keep in mind about Myokem’s Pyroxamine is that it was formulated with energy and consistency as major factors. By that we mean the brand did something we have never seen before, that actually ensures fans of Nitramine, appreciate Pyroxamine. What they did was take the energy blend from half a scoop of Nitramine and use it as the energy blend for one cpasule of Pyroxamine. Myokem did later modify their formula adding 25mg more caffeine, although the intention was still pretty clear. Give fans the same energy blend they know and love, with the added power of researched weight loss ingredients.

As expected, Pyroxamine’s energy blend comes through with one hell of a punch. It packs Nitramine’s signature subtle energy, as well as it’s positive mind altering focus, giving you that calm mind muscle energizing effect. It powers you through workouts keeping the intensity strong enough to ensure you’re working hard, but mild enough to keep you in control. You won’t find yourself overwhelmed by energy, like you need to rush through your reps. Again it’s very much like Nitramine in that sense, where the experience seems to be quite natural and the self influenced effort pays off with a great performance.

While Pyroxamine’s energy does sound impressive, despite lacking in range compared to some pre-workouts. You have to remember, just like we had to kept reminding ourselves. This is Myokem’s fat burner, it is not a pre-workout, nor has it been designed to be one. It is a weight loss supplement that as far as we know, is the first one you can actually take before your session that competes with dedicated pre-workouts. We’ve had heavy energy and mood altering formulas before, however they always put you on too much of a high. Force the jitters on you when the resistance intensity gets up there, and tend take away from your performance rather than improve it. Pyroxamine does indeed go against all of those points, and while it may not act as well as competitors in terms of just picking you up or burning you through a cardio session. It definitely holds it’s own in almost every situation, with no doubt it’s pre-workout ability being the main attraction.

Moving on from Myokem’s fat burner being the closest thing to a pre-workout you will find in it’s category. The product does of course deliver on it’s main focus, helping you lose weight. Of all the brand’s promises in that area, Pyroxamine surprisingly comes through on every one of them. The first part we’ll touch on is appetite suppression, which is always something supplements list, but never deliver. In the case of Pyroxamine it does deliver, keeping the stomach from aching when it comes time to eat, something that’s extremely helpful when you’re dieting or on a low calorie program. Don’t expect it to immediately take away hunger when you pop a pill or two, it’s more of a consistency thing that tends to take effect and become just a good habit you can rely on.

Next is increased metabolism, an effect we will say is always difficult to gauge. For us it definitely seemed to tie in with the appetite suppression making meal timing and food intake feel so much more in tune, and just altogether easier. Lastly we have thermogenesis, usually one of the stars of the show in this type of formula, although in Myokem’s weight solution it isn’t overly strong. With that said, we would happily trade the ability to workout on a fat burner, for over the top thermogenesis any day of the week. While we are saying the thermogenesis isn’t a five star effect, don’t take that lightly. If we were to put a number to it we’d be looking at around four or just under, as it is something you will have trouble missing.

All in all we have to say Myokem’s Pyroxamine really steals the show. It’s ability to help burn fat with effects you will actually notice. On top of it’s flexibility to be used twice a day, once as a light pick me up or cardio carrier, and the other as an unmatched pre-workout infused weight loss product. Makes Pyroxamine a real one of a kind formula. In an industry where me too supplement are almost a weekly thing. Myokem have put together a product that we know is going to have no trouble finding it’s own audience. The supplement will help you burn fat, don’t let us talk that down at all. But it’s power to fuel a workout is going to be what finds it plenty of fans, waving goodbye to weak performances and saying hello to smooth energy and clean focus, with the products added bonus of successfully aiding in weight loss.

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