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Rival Us Blackout turns out to be a makeover, radical rebrand holds on to signature orange

Massive Rival Us makeover with a much more modern rebranding

Last month Rival Us were talking about a Blackout they had coming, which has been revealed as a major makeover. Going from their once rainbow color theme, to a more uniformed orange and yellow. Rival have now once again moved to a modernized orange and black, dropping both their relatively bright two color design and signature label layout. The brand’s new look turns half the bottles orange and the other half black, with an entirely different font used to communicate each supplements title and finer details. Whether or not the radical change will be applied to both Rival’s regular range of products as well as their standout Blaq Series supplements, we don’t know. As at the moment the brand have only shown off the protein powders Last Meal, Promasil and Clean Gainer in the 2014 theme. All while listing every one of their products in the more familiar orange and yellow, on their now updated website.

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