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Two more original titles returned, Scitec bring back Anti-Cortisol and Joint-X

Scitec change back C-X and J-X Complex to Anti-Cortisol and Joint-X

Recently Scitec Nutrition renamed two of their supplements GHR-X and Ignix, giving the two products back their original names before the big 2013 switch, GH Surge and Thermo X. The European brand have now updated two more of their supplements, bringing about the same kind of change. The items Scitec have devoted their time to are the immune support C-X and the joint support J-X Complex. The titles they are going back to as mentioned are the same two from 2012, Anti-Cortisol and the more descriptive Joint-X. Just like with GH Surge and Thermo X, neither of the two formulas have been edited in any way. With the only change being Scitec returning the product’s original names.

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