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Top Secret individual wrapped in 2014 branding, Pure L-Glutamine valued at under $15 for 300g

Top Secret Nutrition release their new individual Pure L-Glutamine

While Top Secret Nutrition do already have plenty of individual ingredient supplements available, with their many different weight loss aids. The brand don’t really produce a lot of the common basic products, although they are beginning to finally get into the area. A lot of Top Secret’s single or two feature formulas sit in their Health Essentials and Weight Loss categories, leaving the Sports Nutrition range with very little. The brand have now confirmed and released a new individual for that lonely line, one that also comes wrapped in Top Secret’s 2014 branding. The supplement is called Pure L-Glutamine and is about as simple as it sounds, listing it’s title ingredient at 5g per serving, with a total of 60 servings in it’s 300g tub. As you would expect the latest from Top Secret is unflavored and comes with a rather competitive price, valued at under $15, or $25 if you want to pick up the product today direct from the brand.

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