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Back to basics with the Alpha Bottle, upcoming shaker brand aiming for a 2015 launch

Introducing Alpha Bottle a back to basics supplement shaker brand

As Smartshake build towards their mystery product unveiling set to take place this coming Monday, a new company has contacted us about the coming of their new item. The name of the brand is Alpha Bottle, one that similar to Smartshake sounds like it’s named after their product. As for what their product is, from Alpha’s short description we know it’s a shaker of extremely highly quality, with a ‘back to basics’ design. Without any kind of image, silhouette or even a shaded picture, we have no visual hints at what the shaker will look like. If we were however to go off the words mentioned we’d say it’s going to be a stylish looking bottle, possibly without any additional compartments. While we can guess all day about what it’s going to look like, we are going to have to wait at least four more months for an official preview, as Alpha are not going to be ready until sometime next year. To follow the new company and track their progress at the moment they don’t have a website, but they do have Facebook page, which is probably going to be just as good.

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