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App Nut tease five more supplements, upcoming set looking separate from Innovation Series

Applied Nutriceuticals start teasing the coming of more supplements

Following Applied Nutriceuticals reveal of their Innovation Series from a few months ago, and it’s launch of Free Test XRT, HG4 Up, Fat Free AM and Fat Free PM. The brand have started teasing the coming of something else. App Nut appear to have what looks like another supplement range on the way, that is being shown off without any title or description. The only reason we know what is being previewed is not the brand’s Innovation, Sports or basic Pure Series, is because the line is being promoted with the words “wait ’til you see what’s in store next”. From what is being pictured it looks we’re in for five products, all of which appear to be capsule formulas. While App Nut have still yet to launch the remaining Innovation Series supplements, Drive Recomp and NOvate. We can’t help but imagine what it is the brand’s upcoming line will feature, as it could be more sequel reformulations of other Sports Series products or a set of entirely new supplements.