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2lb tub packed Raptor HP on it’s way, AST unveil and tease their first for some time

AST tease their Olympia debuted supplement Raptor HP

One of the booths we stopped by at the Olympia Expo who seemingly had very little to show was AST. The brand have been around for as long as we can remember, which is no surprise as they do promote themselves as the innovators of whey protein back in 1992. Recently they haven’t had as many hits as they have in the past, with their latest being the ursolic acid formula Urso-X. Since then we’ve heard about a reformulated Dymetadrine Xtreme and some sort of a protein bar both still yet to be released. This time around AST have actually confirmed something new with a tub that was on show at the Olympia. The name of the upcoming supplement is Raptor HP, a formula packed in a 2lb tub and labeled with a theme slightly different to that of any of the brand’s other products. AST haven’t really given any sort of a description for Raptor, teasing it with snapshots and a picture of a cow. As anxious as we are to see the first protein or any supplement for that matter from AST in quite some time. A look back at 2013 or even 2012 suggests we may be in for a bit of a wait, with their build up likely to get a little more detailed as we move forward.

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